Dusk is Anytime at the Edge of Hibernation


Leaves     ( : )    a multitude of commas


& bird’s breasts, or fish tales (dreams).      Loose

their distinction; mulch beneath dogwood.

and you who


leave your marks: apostrophes in snow

sign of possession, or, a dress

heard best in slow thought.





The eye wood, or we would, or were.

Not unaware, but a dream of there.

Poof !     Mind-darts


or hooves.   Who avers,   evokes.

Awareness of some thing already set



in motion (click). Sit here & say about it,


(you who are already                     out of the element,

the gold field).                Live (t)here,      as           hermetic


crossroads,                   the way a snake   does,   slithering

in its own medium.           A whimper


from sleep?      Near(ly).      ( To be close

followed by the fisherman

& the fish hook ).


The topography of   dream

designates .            Transtromer playing Hayden


dreams      up,

descends           to wake.


Fur, you say,   asleep in the mountain.


Who     else     is the     bear’s     friend?

What     else     can     say     this .  ..     Is     the     ear     that         repeats     between     sheets?