A bone sticks out from the sand dune 

Femur or tibia? 

Maybe a deer, or a bobcat 

I’ll have to look it up 

I don’t know the look or the feel 



I say good morning to the camp host 

and her black and white dog 

and her old VW van 

and her bumper stickers: 

“Bears Deserve Respect, Not Trash” 

And “If You Can Rope Me, You Can Have Me” 

I am foreign 

You too 



M1917 Revolver 


One cartridge 

I write it in the report, pressing hard to make imprints on the copies underneath 

pink for the biologist and yellow for the ranger 

It’s not uncommon, the ranger said, adjusting her hat 

Who knows, maybe we’ll find something

Thanks for taking the time — 

I show her all of the photos I took of the desert tortoise’s shell 

I did not move it 

Its mate was nearby 

I walked back to the cabin and I drew a bath