Two (Mis)translations


far 후일 1

far future day you seek me if
then my words will be “forgotten“

you inside 나무 2 is if
“very 그리다 3 while forgotten”

still you 나무 4 is if
“believe not because forgotten”

today and yesterday not forget and
far future day then “forgotten”



  1. 후일 (future) (後日) = (: behind, rear, after, descendants) + (: day, daytime, sun)
  2. pun: 나무 (scold, rebuke) = 나무 (tree)
  3. pun: 그리다 (yearn for, long for) = 그리다 (draw)
  4. see n.2

by Kim Sowol (1902-1934), trans.  Ae Hee Lee