from R E D

The wolf was a well-behaved wolf

but you can’t trust wolves

The wolf had a cold look

as if upset at something

I did not like the insolent smile

a mouth full of white teeth

My own belief was that the wolf is simply an elaborate dog

In real life a wolf is a low creature

green eyes shining out of the dark

If he can’t get food he’s bound to butcher something tender

Satisfied    fatted with passion

a knife in his hand

licking up the blood


I went to bed    and fell asleep    I was waked

I was afraid    I tried to sleep    but could not

then came to me    the fear of sleep

I did not want to be alone    I was afraid    I heard a howl

I went back to bed    to go to sleep    I was not asleep

I was uneasy    I was startled    a little frightened

A gaunt grey wolf    clutched wildly at my neck

For a second or two    there was strange lightning


Time did not seem long but very very awful    somewhere near the dogs all round the neighborhood were singing    I was stupid with pain    the sound seemed like the voice of my dead mother come back to me    I screamed out    the body of my dear mother flew open for an instant and closed again    I laid flowers on my dear mother’s breast    my heart sank    I cannot leave    I am alone    alone with the dead    I can hear the low howl of the wolf    my dear mother    gone